Georg Arthur Jensen (August 31, 1866 in Raadvad – October 2, 1935 in Hellerup) was a Danish silversmith and designer . He founded the silver smithy that bears his name.

At age 14 , he began working as a silversmith , and his vision was to become a great sculptor. In 1892, he graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts as a sculptor and exhibited the following year sculptures various locations in Copenhagen .

In 1898 he began working at Bing & Grondahl and in 1900 he exhibited in Rome and Florence , as well as at the World Exhibition in Paris 1900th

After several artistic experimentation , he opened in 1904 a silver smithy in Broad Street 36 ; the store was a huge success , and in 1912 opened the first Georg Jensen store in Copenhagen . In 1914 opened the first branch in Berlin . Although it went downhill during the first World War , he was a big comeback after the war , and he opened stores in Stockholm , Paris and London .

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